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Photographer Mark Crocker has focused on community and social history projects in recent years as well as portraiture and architectural work. Examples include:


Wise Matters, An exhibition 8 portraits and stories of what means to to Age positively. Commissioned by Wesley Mission Queensland 2017, Exhibited Chermside Libary 19 - 27 August.


Brisbane Youth Service, 8 portraits commissioned by BYS for annual Report 2016 and 2017.


Dead Daises, A Song and a Prayer - Stills for music video 2016. The Stills were used on the bands website and iTunes for the marketing andpromotion of download sales.


What will the Neighbours Think - A Billboard exhibition 2016 of photographs and stories of residents of Mantle Housing and shop keepers in the Mitchelton area of Brisbane prior to the opening of these apartments for people with mental health issues;


Refugrow - Brisbane Festival 2014, Brisbane City Hall, A collaboration with people seeking asylum throughout Brisbane, exhibiting the experiences of recent arrivals and former refugees from African nations in the late 90s and Vietnamese refugees in the 70s.


2013-2015: Portraits of a Tea Cosy, Touring exhibition – A series of portraits produced over 3 years with Loani Prior to celebrate the role of tea cosies in our social history to 11 Regional Art Galleries in Qld ,Act, NSW and Victoria.


Selected Publications

Pretty Funny Tea Cosies & other beautiful knitted things.(2014) by Loani Prior, published by Murdoch Books
Wild Tea Cosies (2008) by Loani Prior, published by Simon and Schuster
The Creek in Your Backyard (2010) by Rob Whyte, published by Save Our Waterways Now Inc.Art in Public Places 2005 -2010, Brisbane City Council
2008 Weeds Calendar published by Save Our Waterways Now Inc.
Images featured in national newspapers including The Age, The Courier Mail and the West Australian