Wise Matters

I was commissioned Wesley Mission Queensland to make 8 portraits of extraordinary people who are enjoying their lives ageing positively. The photographers are on display at the Chermside Libary 19 - 27 August as apart Seniors Week.

Brian and Myrie Hopewell-9910.jpg
brian Didactics-2.jpg
Devi Selvamanickam-1.jpg
devi Didactics-8.jpg
Patrick Passfield-9960.jpg
pat Didactics-1.jpg
Lloyd Kyle- Little-0230.jpg
Llyd Didactics-7.jpg
Joy Duffield-9985-2.jpg
Joy Didactics-3.jpg
Mary George-3-v4.jpg
Lyn Burden -0165.jpg
Lyn Didactics-5.jpg
Des Hennessey-.jpg
Des Didactics-4.jpg

Garlic Harvest

I visited my Friend Rob Peagram to cacthup and look at his garlic crop which half had been harvested the day before. Rob and Miki live a in a beautiful landscape just north of Brisbane.