4 Reasons To Engage A Professional Headshot Photographer For Images On Your Online Profiles

According to psychologists, when the human brain sees a new face for the first time, it takes just a fraction of a second to start forming opinions about things such as trustworthiness and authenticity. In today’s online driven world, we rarely now get the opportunity to make a first impression in person.  People are far more likely to start to get to “know” someone through images they find through online channels such as LinkedIn.  Given this, investing in a professional headshot photo to represent you and your business to potential clients is no longer a luxury but a necessity.    

Here are our top FOUR reasons as to why you should engage a headshot photographer to help build your personal brand online:

  • Create a good first impression

It is worth repeating: We make snap judgements about people within one-tenth of a second when we see their faces for the first time.  Online headshot photographs will often be the first glimpse your potential customers have into who you are.  Ask yourself the question, does your online profile portray an image of yourself that you want it to?  Professional headshot photographers know how to capture the essence of who you are and help to set expectations before people talk to you in person.    

  • Stay top of mind 

Think of your headshot photograph as an extension of your marketing collateral.  In the same way that we hand out business cards to remind people we have met of who we are in business, a professional headshot will perform the same function when we connect with prospects in the online world.  It essentially becomes your online business card and in the same way a good business card will make your business more memorable, a professional headshot will make you more memorable. 

  • People buy from people

Few people in business would dispute the old adage that “people buy from people”.  Most people would prefer to see the person that they are doing business with.  A professional headshot photographer will be able capture the personality behind the person and if done well, will align perfectly with the brand image your business is trying to cultivate.  But it is important to make sure that your image us up to date.  If it does not match what you currently look when people do meet you face to face (in person or via video chat), then they may view you as inauthentic.  

  • We are being increasingly being forced to connect virtually 

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend for businesses to rely more on video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts.  Most of us have had uncomfortable experiences with this technology at some point – with video connections failing or having to work from a home environment that may not showcase the most professional setting.  In such cases where you are unable to use your webcam, using a professional headshot on your profile picture should be the least you do to so that those you are talking to will still feel more of a personal connection to you than if you were just talking over the phone.  

It is important to note that headshot photography is a speciality.  It is a highly skilled craft and the best headshot photographers will be very diligent in explaining how to make the most out of your photo session.  With our business world increasingly shifting online, engaging with a specialist headshot photographer can be one of the best and cost-effective branding opportunities for you and your business.  

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