Preparing for your Headshot Photography Session

There are a number of things to consider when preparing for a headshot photography session. Think about how you are going to use these headshots. Some may be for work and some may be for social media. Consider the image you wish to project for each headshot.

Bring clothing that aligns with the image you want to project. Have a few options with you. Block colours generally work better than exuberant patterns for headshots, as the focus should be on your face, not your clothing. Of course it is only the top half of your body being photographed, so you can come in your PJ bottoms if you like!

Generally, hair looks best a day or so after being to a hairdresser or barber. Bring everything you need for your hair and makeup. There is a mirror at the studio for you to use.

If you wear glasses, please bring a range of your favourites.

I want to take the best photo of you ever, so schedule your headshot at a time you are likely to be the most relaxed. Don’t be rushed or focussed on other things. This is about you and getting the images you want to project.

It is always worth avoiding sunburn especially before headshot.