The Importance of Professional Headshot Photos For Jobseekers

2020 has been a challenging year, in particular for those who have lost their jobs in the wake of the global pandemic.  The unfortunate reality for many of those now having to look for work is that there has never been so much competition for so few jobs.  When faced with such challenging market conditions, anything a jobseeker can do to gain even the slightest of advantages can make all the difference.  For those looking for professional white collar work in particular, one thing that you can do to make a huge difference to your chances of securing work is to ensure that you have professional headshot photos on your online profiles – especially on LinkedIn – as well as included with your resume.


For many recruiters, LinkedIn is their first port of call when evaluating candidates.  For Natasha Donaghy, Director of Brisbane-based boutique recruitment agency, Moss Recruitment, having a professional looking headshot on your LinkedIn profile should be non-negotiable.  “The first place I go to is LinkedIn when doing my due diligence on a candidate” says Miss Donaghy.  “To begin with, if there is no photo on a LinkedIn profile, I get concerned.  But then, if there is a photo and it looks unprofessional, my first impression of that candidate will be tainted and even if they have the best resume in the world on paper, I will see it as a big risk to my own reputation to sit them in front of my clients. In short, you’ve got to look the part to get the part.”  Moreover, Miss Donaghy says that there is an increasing desire from employers to also see a headshot photo on a resume.  “You need to do all you can to make your resume stand out and to make it easy for a time poor employer who wants to make quick decisions to put it on the shortlist pile.  Including a professional photo on your resume can help achieve this.”


Brisbane based photographer. Mark Crocker whose specialities include professional headshot photography believes that too often not enough attention is placed on professional profile pictures.   “I think that it is something that is easy for jobseekers to overlook”, he said.  ‘They will, quite rightly, invest hours of time in tailoring the wording on their resumes and cover letters towards specific job descriptions.  And of course, this is crucial.  But we know that in today’s world, first impressions are increasingly being made before people get the opportunity to meet face to face and if an applicant is letting themselves down with an unprofessional profile picture, then all that hard effort can go to waste.  A headshot photography session will take between 30 to 60 minutes so the comparative investment in time is minimal.”  


In summary, when there is so much competition for so few jobs, a candidate needs to do all they can to stand out from the crowd to give themselves the opportunity to progress their application.  Having a professional headshot photo will certainly assist  in helping you to make the right first impression.  


Mark Crocker provides professional photography services in Brisbane from his West End studio – specialising in professional headshots, portraits and commercial work.  He is currently undertaking a lot of work with jobseekers to help improve their professional profiles and will be announcing an exciting event to help support others very soon.  For all enquiries, please contact Mark here.  


Moss Recruitment is a boutique recruitment agency based in Brisbane specialising in placing skilled professionals across a broad range of industries including Accounting, Construction, Real Estate, Human Resources, Legal Advertising & Marketing and hospitality and tourism.